Wait...you LIVE in a hotel?

What do you think of when you hear the phrase ‘hotel living’?

Do you think of lifestyles of the rich and famous and a luxurious, carefree existence? Sounds amazing…but totally unrealistic, right?

Thankfully, you’d be mistaken.

We all know Melbourne is notorious for its competitive property prices, which is why Bell City offers residences that are cost-effective and offer easy and flexible accommodations suited to busy lifestyles of young professionals.

In recent years hotel complexes like Bell City have noticed and embraced changing trends in the property market, which is seeing people favour convenient, inner-city living over urban or suburban areas. This trend isn’t just notable in Melbourne but in major metropolitan cities worldwide like New York and London.

We know what you’re thinking, “Is this a joke? I couldn’t possibly afford to live in a hotel.” But the truth is living in a hotel requires the same financial commitments as if you were to rent a standard suburban apartment.

When leasing a standard apartment or unit you pay the monthly rental fee, plus utilities and any outstanding costs. As a Bell City resident you pay a similar rental free however this is inclusive of hotel quality perks normally reserved for short-stay guests.

Think unrestricted access to the Bell City gym, outdoor pool, discounts on food and beverage at our restaurants, a free shuttle bus into the city and much more.

With trams, trains and buses on your doorstep, Bell City residents are just 20 minutes from inner city areas like Northcote, Fitzroy, Carlton and Melbourne’s CBD; providing an endless variety of fashion, food, entertainment and street culture.

Whether you're moving house, changing jobs or just need long-term accommodation, Bell City has all the comforts of home and more.

You’ll be asking yourself why you didn’t move into a hotel sooner!

Visit our website for any inquiries you may have about living at Bell City https://www.bellcity.com.au/long-stay

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