The world travel bucket list

What countries are on your bucket list? Travelling and exploring the world is a lot of fun. You get to experience a diversity of cities and cultures and see new and exciting places.

Let’s discover some great travel destinations together. Below are our top 10 travel destinations in the world.

1: Norway

First up is beautiful Norway. The Scandinavian country is known for its coastal fjords and mountains, amazing seafood and green spaces. Is seeing the northern lights on your bucket list? To the locals in Northern Norway, the northern lights are a part of life. Between late September and late March, experience the unbelievable colours that move across the Artic Sky.

2: China

The most popular destinations in China are Beijing, Shanghai and Xian. The Great Wall of China is truly amazing and if you’re visiting China you should definitely go for a Great Wall hiking tour. China has a long, rich history and is a mysterious and beautiful land. Not only is China known for her big cities, but also for its 14,000 km of coastline and beautiful mountains, lakes and rivers. To top this off, China’s high speed trains are the world’s fastest. Now, that is pretty cool.

3: Iceland

The next country on our “must see list” is another Scandinavian country: amazing Iceland. Iceland is perfect for most outdoor adventures, all year round. Have you ever wanted to try ice climbing? Iceland is the perfect place. Giant waterfalls, vibrantly lush greenery, amazing views of the coast and stunning views of the Northern Lights draw travellers to Iceland. During summer, experience 24 hours of daylight and see some of Iceland’s most famous and spectacular waterfalls: Bruarfoss, Hraunfossar and Seljaklandsfoss, the latter with a drop of 63 meters.

4: Bali, Indonesia

The next recommended destination on our list is beautiful Bali in Indonesia. Bali’s most famous tourist areas include Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Ubud, Sanur and Jimbaran where you can find an abundance of accommodation to fit your budget. From hotels with rooftop pools to villas right on the beach. Bali offers great beaches, lots of culture and history, wonderful sceneries and great surfing waves for the adventures type. When visiting you can try out river rafting, visit beautiful Gili Island or the amazing temples of this island, sip on a cocktail in one of the popular rooftop bars or just crack open a fresh young coconut by the beach. Alternatively you can join a yoga retreat in Ubud. It’s truly an amazing place to be.

5: Mallorca, Spain

Let’s discover Mallorca, Spain. Located in the Mediterranean, this beautiful sunny island got some amazing beaches, great views and remote mountains. Shop until you drop in the city of Palma, visit Palma’s vast cathedral - the city’s major architectural landmark and explore one of Mallorca’s top experiences – Cala de Sa Calobra & Cala Tuent. The popular beach has a length of 180 meters.

6: Singapore

What about a trip to amazing Singapore? Whether you are an action seeker, passionate about discovering new places or a foodie, Singapore has got you covered. The famous Orchard Road is a great place to start your shopping spree with high-end stores at every turn. View the city from the world’s largest giant observation wheel: the Singapore Flyer and visit beautiful Clarke Quay for an evening of waterfront dining and entertainment.

7: Paris, France

Today, no one could imagine Paris without the famous Eiffel Tower. Still, this magical and beautiful city offers so much more. One of the most popular destinations in Paris is Cathedrale Notre Dame De Paris with its beautiful rose windows and treasury and bell towers. Musee Du Louvre holds tens of thousands of works of spectacular art and is one of the worlds most visited museums. Beautiful Luxembourg Gardens is Paris’s most popular destinations for relaxation and the perfect spot after a long day sightseeing.

8: London, United Kingdom

London’s history stretches all the way back to Roman times. Check out one of London’s most iconic landmarks, the Big Ben at the Houses of parliament when visiting this beautiful city. Buckingham Palace and London’s Tower Bridge should also not be missed when in London. Go back through history and explore the world by visiting the British Museum. Visit amazing Kensington Palace, Kensington Gardens, and the neighbouring Hyde Park.

9: San Francisco, United States

If you like shopping, arts, architecture, exiting food and beautiful surroundings, San Francisco might be the perfect spot for you. The city by the Bay in northern California is home to the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, colourful Victorian houses and cable cars. Not only is San Francisco a postcard-perfect city, it has a diverse and exciting food scene being home to some of the best restaurants in the world. When in San Francisco, you should visit one of the world largest Chinatown, eat the famous clam chowder down at Pier 39, walk around Union Square, ride a cable car and don’t forget to walk down Lombard street, San Francisco's most crooked street.

10: Rome, Italy

Last but not least, with its amazing culture and history, one of our favourite cities in the world is Rome. Explore the city’s amazing history, incredible food and iconic sites. When in Rome, you will need to visit the largest amphitheatre in the Roman Empire: the Colosseum. It truly is one of the most impressive buildings ever constructed. Another historical site to visit is the Pantheon, one of the great architectural achievements of the ancient world. While you are there don’t forget to throw a coin into one of the most famous fountains in the world: the Trevi fountain. The origins of the fountain go back to the year 19 B.C. Tossing a coin over your left shoulder with your right hand is meant to ensure that you return to Rome in the future. Whether it actually brings you good fortune is up for debate. However, you will be engaging in a long standing and fun tradition while helping out the city’s poorest citizens in the process.

What is your top travel destination in the world?

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