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Updated: Dec 19, 2017

Promote your event with our social media tips

Whether you’re hosting a conference for 20 or 500, one key consideration is how to develop a strategic social media plan. Don’t panic – it’s not as hard as it sounds, we’re here to help.

Utilising social media throughout your conferences and event can help increase brand awareness, drive ticket sales, broaden your reach beyond those attending, create conversations about your product or service, encourage feedback, and serve as a great tracking tool post-event.

In the lead up to your event:

  • Identify which existing social media channels you will use, keeping in mind the scope of your event and its target audience.

  • Promote your event consistently across all of your social media platforms ensuring you select the time of day for posting content wisely.

  • Schedule posts for Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn for no more than once a day, and Twitter as often as you like. The best time to post Facebook content is between the hours of 1pm and 3pm and Friday is the most popular day for post likes and brand interactions, traditionally Sunday is the least responsive day for content.

  • Build anticipation leading up to your conference or event by gradually revealing key event information in the days or weeks beforehand, for example: guest speaker details, content teasers or your event highlights.

  • Create a unique hashtag and use it with every post you communicate, make sure you encourage your attendees and social media audience to use it also.

  • Give incentives for sharing of your unique hashtag in the weeks leading up to your event, for example: free tickets or behind-the-scenes experiences. Or use Facebook offers to run a pre-event competition.

  • Work in conjunction with your event sponsors, special guests and speakers to promote your event via their social media platforms.

During your event:

  • Display your unique hashtag at your event and on collateral to encourage your attendees to engage online.

  • Share the buzz and excitement of your event by posting live photos and experiences, behind-the-scenes content is particularly well received.

  • Allow online audience members to ask questions via Twitter during Q&A sessions to make them feel part of the conference or event.

  • Don’t just monitor online conversations, engage and respond to your audience in real time, designate a person to be responsible for real time responses.

  • You can stream your event live via the Ustream iPhone application.

  • Give prizes to the ‘photo of the day’ and announce the winners on your social media platforms.


  • Thank your sponsors and attendees via all of your social media channels.

  • Relive the highlights of your event, share videos and photos.

  • Social media also allows you to connect with people who did not attend your conference so communicating positive feedback you received and highlights may encourage new people to attend the next event.

  • During post-event evaluations, measure which social media efforts were effective, and how many people you reached, ensure that you apply any discoveries to your next conference or event social media strategy.

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