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• morning or afternoon tea • lunch • room hire • data projector and screen • iced water and mints • note pads and pens • minimum 20 attendees •

bookings period: 01 sep - 31 dec 19 for events held: 01 sep 19 - 31 dec 20

minimum 40 delegates. not valid in conjunction with any other offer. t&c applies

melbourne’s northern suburbs are home to an exquisite range of craft breweries and you can enjoy them while meeting onsite at bell city. if you have some spare time in your busy conference schedule pop into one of the local breweries to experience them first hand, tasting tours can be organised.

with an unconditional commitment to spreading flavourful beer, they are striving to achieve their goal of converting 100% of the market to drinking better beers. go to website

award-winning beers, a buzzing venue, fine food and friends in all sorts of places – what more reason do you need to worship at temple? go to website

the emphasis is on great beer, fresh from the brewery. being off the beaten track, it feels like you’ve stumbled across a secret back street boozer that even the locals are lucky to know about.

go to website

mantra bell city was morphed into a

miniature forest with the latest bonsai

convention exhibiting a stunning showcase of the japanese art form in the new york room. delegates mingled in the exhibition at the welcoming event getting new ideas and

marvelling at the works of art.

the members learnt new tips in the ballroom plenary sessions and workshops in the south wing creating miniature representations of australian natives. the east wing hosted traders from around the country so delegates could pick up the latest bonsai supplies. delegates celebrated the convention in style with a dinner in the ballroom to mark the 32nd national bonsai convention.

more about bonsai clubs or our event space

audience interaction

sometimes hand held microphones for audience q&a just doesn’t cut it! in those times, we need to embrace technology and use audience interaction tools.

using q&a platforms is a great way to crowd source the most interesting questions from the audience. but as with everything, new things take some time to adopt. as a part of your welcome remarks, let your audience know that you’ll be using an event tech and explain how it works. ideally, you can go through the instructions with the attendees to make sure they are able to join in.

silent conferences

have you heard about silent discos where people equipped with wireless headphones dance to what the dj is playing in their ears?

the popularity of these events motivated conference organizers to start incorporating wireless headphone technology into their events. the reason is simple. it solves some of their most common problems:

lack of breakout space - wireless headphone systems enable delegates in a single room to break off into smaller groups. this allows them to listen to different presentations without interruptions.

not enough time - with a packed agenda, you can set up additional speakers who can deliver simultaneous presentations and q&a sessions on different topics.

disruptions - In noisy exhibition halls, you can broadcast your content straight to your attendees without losing the main message.

low engagement rate - the audience can choose who they want to listen to. this makes the content more relevant and the event more engaging for the attendees.

* terms and conditions apply

our events team will work with you to create a unique proposal tailored to meet your specific event requirements. talk to our dedicated team now, call (03) 9485 0382 or


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