10 tips for the perfect warm weather wedding

Spring and summer are the most popular times for weddings, with 37% of Aussie brides being married between September and November.

One would guess that spring weather wouldn’t be oppressively hot….but this is Melbourne and we know NEVER to assume when it comes to our notoriously unpredictable weather.

With that in mind, here are 10 tips for executing the perfect warm weather wedding and how the team at Bell City can help you every step of the way.

1. Remember to send save-the-dates!

With summer comes school holidays, Christmas, New Years and many other celebrations and public holidays. It’s very common for family and friends to take a quick hiatus from Melbourne, in search of Queensland beaches or even overseas destinations.

If you’re planning a spring or summer wedding make sure to give enough notice so your guests’ plans don’t collide with your special day.

2. Choose an indoor /outdoor location

It is crucial for you and you guests to have indoor and outdoor options when you’re getting married in the warmer seasons. Of course you want to enjoy the beautiful weather however a cooler indoor or covered area is fantastic to ensure everyone remains comfortable and covered from the elements. Guests can decide if they want to bask in the sun, or stay cooler in the air conditioned building. Especially if you have older or pregnant guests, it’s essential to provide a cooler environment option for all.

At Bell City our marquee sits adjacent to the Bell City Gardens. This is your perfect solution. The marquee can comfortably host a large wedding party, with additional room for dancing, a gift table and more. Similarly the nearby gardens are a great option for the ceremony, photographs and are also ideal for children and younger guests to play around during the reception.

3. Don’t plan you ceremony for midday

We all agree that warm weather weddings are great….until you’re sitting at an outdoor wedding ceremony during the peak heat of the day.

To avoid serious discomfort for you and your guests consider having a morning reception at 10am, or later in the afternoon when the sun has lost its sting.

If you have an evening wedding our professional advice is to aim for dinner to be served at sunset and then plan accordingly on either side of that.

4. Provide cooling gadgets

While cooling gadgets are mostly pragmatic, they can actually become an aesthetic design element of the wedding ceremony and reception.

From hand-held battery operated fans (colour coordinated to the theme of course) or beautiful paper fans- you can make them a part of the table setting or place them on chairs at the ceremony for your guests to cool themselves with.

5. Refreshing beverages

This comes under the same category as the fans in being a practical and visually pleasing design element for your wedding.

Guests will love having refreshing iced water, infused with citrus or summer berries, brought to them throughout the wedding. Whether it be delivered to guests by staff, or beautifully set up in giant glass vessels at a refreshment station; it is a sure way of keeping your guests cool and comfortable.

Bell City offers a refreshments station as a part of some wedding packages. We’re not just talking soft drinks and still water, but as a great selection of beverages that will satisfy and keep you cool.

6. No exposed metal

You might think this is just common sense, but the stress of planning the perfect wedding can mean some of the obvious details are overlooked.

For a spring or summer wedding it is important that no outdoor furniture includes any exposed metal which, as we all know, conducts heat and can lead to some serious discomfort for you and your guests.

So from cotton ‘director chairs,’ classic white outdoor chairs or simply opting for chair covers- there are plenty of options that will surely complement your theme. At Bell City we’ve got weather appropriate options for you to choose from that is sure to complement your individual style.

7. Choose a tuxedo fabric that breathes

Now this tip is for the boys out there. While you might have a vision of wearing the classic black tuxedo either as the groom or guest at a wedding, it might not be practical in above 30 degree temperatures.

Although a classic, there are some great alternatives to the tuxedo which offer a similar style, however with a lighter, more breathable fabric.

8. Don’t get stuck in the mud!

I know what you’re thinking….if I’m getting married in summer, there shouldn’t be any mud around, right? Technically, yes. However if you and your female guests are going to attend an outdoor or semi-outdoor wedding in stilettos then there’s a high chance your heels will get stuck in the mud, or at least the grass.

With years of wedding experience behind us, we highly recommend opting for a thicker heels or even a pair of elegant wedges, so to avoid any awkward stumbles but most importantly keeping your shoes sparkling clean throughout the day.

9. Choose your flowers carefully

Summer flowers are beautiful- big and vibrant in colour they’re the perfect addition to any spring or summer wedding design. But you must be careful about which ones you choose and for what purpose.

Hydrangeas, for example, are a stunning summer flower however without a good and constant water source will wilt in minutes- making any hair piece, bouquet or groom’s lapel looking quite droopy and sad.

Opt instead for peonies, roses, gardenias or water lilies which are more resilient to the summer heat, even out of water.

No matter which flowers you choose, make sure you keep them refrigerated, with a good water source right up to the ceremony so your bouquet and other flower arrangements look beautiful and vibrant.

10. Keep the food light and fresh

Bell City has on-site chefs who are experienced in catering for weddings throughout the year: developing delicious seasonal menus for your special day.

In spring or summer you obviously want to stay away from heavier options like roasted meats, rich cream based desserts and the like. Instead think a refreshing cold gazpacho soup for entre, grilled chicken or salmon with a spring salad for main and delicious fruit tarts or grilled fruit skewers to accompany the wedding cake for dessert.

Whatever your vision the team at Bell City will help you create the ideal menu for you and your guests.

If you are considering having your wedding at a hotel and want to know more about our wedding executive Stephanie Chittenden, have a go at this article. Stephanie is available every step of the way to ensure your dream wedding becomes a reality!

Get in touch for more details +61 3 9485 0382 or bellcity.event@mantra.com.au.

We look forward to creating more memorable weddings at Bell City. #weddinginspiration #weddingplanner #Melbournewedding

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